2021–2023 / printed publication / 16 x 19 cm; hanging installation of found objects / 200 x 125 cm (Exhibition DOWNSTREAM #01, Grad Gallery, KC Grad, Belgrade; 3.–15.4.2023)

Between Danube kilometre 1902 (Orth / Donau, Austria) and 0 (Sulina, Romania), all kind of flotsam is being fished out of the Danube with a landing net, measured and documented. Driftwood, plastic bottles, fruits, feathers, polystyrene – fragmentary leftovers of society, souvenirs of human ignorance, pieces of nature shaped by water, and many surprises. The artist tries different approaches on how to “read” all the collected materials and she invites the viewers to discover. Besides the tangible aspects, she also touches on questions of the creation of value, of permanence and durability, and the paradox of holding on to something ephemeral.

The project started 2021 during a travelling Artist in Residence on the research ship MS-FUSION (MS-FUSION A.I.R.), Hanna’s place was supported by Federal Ministry Republic of Austria for Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sports.

The publication was realized 2023 in Belgrade with support of Culture Moves Europe Mobility Fund (financed by the European Union, implemented by Goethe Institute)

This work was produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Union.

photographic documentation of the exhibition setup © 2023 ph: vladimir opsenica