This space displays projects realized by/with Hanna Priemetzhofer – applied projects (graphic design & book design) as well as independent projects (various forms), or something inbetween.

Hanna Priemetzhofer uses her pseudonym Pira Tin as an expression of her curiosity to enter the space in between, to gather the fleeting and fragmentary, to improvise, to approach boundaries, to be in motion. Mostly, her artistic practice is collecting, her means of expression a combination of images (photography, scans) and words, often materialized in prints. Educated as a graphic designer, her field of activity is focussed on printed matter. In recent years, she has been moving more and more between different places, increasingly gravitating towards south-eastern Europe.


On her blog abookabirdapirate you can explore her drifting and collecting practice.

Hanna Priemetzhofer is also part of System Jaquelinde Laboratory for Visual Things MIAU Publishing.


contact: hanna[at]