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– Werkstatt am Hauptplatz (Linz, 2015)
– Calling Istanbul (Gesellschaft für Kulturpolitik, Linz, 2015)
– Frühjahrsausstellung zu den Schönsten Büchern Österreichs 2015 (designforum Wien, 2016)
– Salon für Kunstbuch (Wien)
– 21er Haus – Salon für Kunstbuch (Wien)

2015, Master’s project (Art University Linz, 2015; supervisor: Tina Frank)
Artist’s book, 19 x 24 cm, edition of 34 books

The project “fragments of a resistance” is an approach to one’s own memory and personal views in a political event – resulting from the urgent need to communicate, document and somehow make the atmosphere and dynamics experienced during the protests 2013 in Istanbul tangible. Hanna Priemetzhofer tries to find a visual language for this, in order to bring an unspeakable, multilayered feeling into a form. The product of this examination is a book – an artist’s book, an abstract graphic novel – in an edition of 34 copies.

The book is constituted of a visual and an informing part (= glossary). The storytelling in the visual part stays cryptic and nonlinear, in order to rather open an imaginative space where the viewers can dive into. I am visually condensing my impressions of the protests, producing analog collages, décollages and fragments. Textual reflections consist of various layers as well: my own thoughts are accompanied by Elias Canettis text “Crowds and Power” (= text on small sized pages), Çağla Aykaçs Essay “Strong Bodies, Dirty Shoes: An Ode to the Resistance” (= text on transparent paper) and graffiti found in public space in the seminal period of the protests. The glossary contextualizes and translates Turkish phrases into English.